Digital Project Life

Since before Christmas I have been sooo time poor! Between my part time job (which I’m currently working 30-38 hours a week), Christmas, School Holidays and ‘back to school’ organising, I just haven’t had any time to enjoy my crafting. I literally have sat in my craft room maybe twice and just get so overwhelmed that I just walk out again. 

Over the past few nights though I have been playing on my phone with my Project Life App. Whilst I do prefer physically putting the pictures and cards in pockets whilst embellishing them how I want, this is just making me feel like at least I am achieving something for now.

Most of the Stampin Up! Project Life Collections can be found digitally through the App so it can be used as an awesome planning tool. Or, once your page/s is complete you can actually save them in 8′ x 8′ or 12′ x 12’size and then have them printed to later embellish or pop in your album.

I used the Strawberry Edition to create these two pages. I just love the bright colours.


And the Midnight Edition for this one. I really love this set with black and white pictures.

*The Project Life App is currently available for iPhone with an Android version being released in February 2016*



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