We love ‘Skittles’!

I have to share with you why I have been a little quiet lately. It is because of this title cherub that came bounding into our lives recently.

Joe and I went to South East Queensland Animal Rescue (where we got Harry) to ‘meet’ a puppy a few weeks ago. Long story short, neither of us could resist so we brought her home that very same day. 

A mix of Terrier, Maltese and Dashund Luci ‘Skittles’ Crouch is just the cuddliest little furry timewaster and has settled into our little family perfectly. Her big brother Harry has shown her the ‘ropes’ and I’m sure they both get up to lots of mischief together when we are out! 

If I can put her down for a few hours I might get some crafting done!! 


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