Water what?! Oh, Watercoloring!

I don’t think I have ever owned a set of watercolour pencils before so when Stampin Up! released a set I totally had to have them.  I had absolutely no idea what to do with them though!

Of course I had heard that you could use a blender pen, an aqua painter or a spritzer on the colours once you had coloured something in but… Insert shrugging with a confused look here…

I know, there are probably a million gazillion YouTube tutorials on how to do this but put me anywhere near YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook and time just disappears into a black hole never to be seen again. Ever.

So I decided to have a messy play. I started by colouring and then spritzing the colour…. eww. Tried the same thing again with different colours… Definitely not the look I expected. The colours weren’t vibrant and there was spritzing spritz getting all over the watercolour paper which was frustrating me because that stuff is expensive! Needless to say they ended up in the bin.

I then tried again, coloured heavier and used the aqua painter… oooh this was nice… I tried a different colour combination, it was just as nice!

See if you can pick the one that went in the bin!

I set them aside to dry and came back to them today to create some cards. I cased this design from an inspiration board at Onstage Live (November 2016).  How super cute are they?! You can order your very own set of Water Colour Pencils by clicking on the product list below.

Product List


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